Who we are

We are a gym consultancy service with expertise in every area of the business. To run a successful and profitable gym there are countless things that need to be thought of.

We can advise you on the best ways to move forward in terms of running a successful gym, as well as providing the best advice on sales, marketing, operations, health and safety requirements, equipment, layouts and servicing contracts.

Our Services

  • Sales & Marketing
    Are you struggling with recruiting new members? Do you have a rigorous sales process and ongoing marketing plan? We can provide you with a sales and lead generation strategy, along with offline and online marketing to suit your business needs. You may already be an existing business that needs an injection of sales, or you may need a pre sales campaign strategy to gain members before your facility opens its doors. Working with Gym Angels and our strategic partners we can achieve all of this for you!
  • Software Solutions
    Do you have a simple online joining process? From your existing database can you generate sales, keep in touch with your existing customers and generate new members? Can you keep a record of who has visited the gym as a non-member at the touch of a button? Having the right software is crucial in helping generate a sale from a prospect and make the joining process smooth and simple.
  • Gym Design & Layout
    We can provide you with a gym design and layout to suit your building, we know what mix and range of equipment will work for every facility. We will save you money without compromising the look and feel of your gym whilst taking into consideration usage levels and demographics when planning and designing your facility.
  • Class & Timetable Planning
    Providing your members with the latest group exercise programmes, we can help you put together a group exercise timetable that will have your studio at its maximum capacity.
  • Gym Equipment & Maintenance
    Do you have right equipment for your facility? Whether you wish to buy or lease equipment we can advise you on what would be best to suit your facilities, needs and budget. We can give you preferential rates on a fully exclusive warranty service, alternatively a service contract can be extended once the initial period has expired. We work with the UK’s largest independent supplier of gym equipment.
  • Operations, Health & Safety
    Do you have all your health and safety processes, risk assessments and general gym operations up to date. We can help you put all of this into action to ensure a safe and efficient environment.

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